I’m a veterinarian with a passion for digital branding, design, marketing and social business. I’ve been helping designing websites, blogging and exploring social media and helping business establish their online presence since 2004.

I’m a writer, first published internationally in 1994 and writing extensively on science, business, social media and social business, brand development and marketing.

I’ve also founded and moderated a number of online communities to help businesses and individuals better navigate the new digital career. I’ve established strong networks both online and off with other leaders in the digital, technology and social business industries.

I’m the founder of Influential Digital – a full service branding, design and marketing agency in Cairns.

We help businesses establish themselves as leaders in their industry online, and adapt to the new digital economy.

If you’d like to connect with me I’m active on Linkedin,  Google Plus: +Dallas McMillan and +Influential, and on twitter @influentialidea

If you’d like to work with me, you can contact me directly by completing the form below or contact me on 07 40320000 or email me at dallas@influential.com.au