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On Reinventing Yourself.

The concept of reinventing yourself has long existed.

Hinduism introduced the concept of reincarnation – that we live many lives as different people and animals. Buddhism talks about being reborn in every moment. Christianity emphasises that you must be reborn in Christ.

Today reinventing yourself has become an economic imperative.

When business models, occupations and even whole industries face rapid change or even extinction, you need to adapt and innovate or be left in the dust.

The challenge is to unfold as a new and unique expression of your true self. We can tell when we are close because we will find joy, bliss and memories. We will be aligned with our values.

When we are on track chance meetings introduce unexpected opportunities and positive surprise.

By arkhe

Being Influential – Get it Magazine

Creating Success and Influence in 2013

Starting a new year is a great time to set some goals for building your career or business.

I wrote a cover article for Get it Magazine on strategies to improve your success and influence this year.

Download the full version here:

Secrets of successful people – influential – Get it! magazine

Here is an excerpt: 

We can all recall people, experiences, books and ideas which have changed our life. What motivates you, your dreams, and your passion? What have been your key ‘influencers’?

I bet you can trace back to an inspirational person (family, friend, coach, business mentor), or a great book you read, an experience you had − positive or negative.

I’m sure those entrepreneurs, managers and leaders among you have also been motivated by amazing business-women, such as Australian of the Year, Ita Buttrose. In such instances, we’re inspired ‘from a distance’; someone like Ita might have inspired through business, charitable or even political endeavours − hence, has created a positive effect (even from afar) by way of ‘influence’.

Not only can a figure like Ita generate positive change around her, but a ‘high-profile’ works in other ways too. It leads to business success, enhanced opportunities to learn, travel and grow.

Evidently, in many cases, such ‘influencers’ are rich, well-known or even celebrities. It may seem like this sort of influence is difficult to replicate if you are none of the above. Not everyone can be an editor for Women’s Weekly, or appear on Sunrise (although, there’s no harm in trying), however times are rapidly changing. The good news is social media and the Internet have offered us all not only the opportunity to be online publishers or TV moguls, but the chance to create an influential space around us within any given field. With the right strategies, skills and attitude, you can become recognised as a leader in your own area of expertise, and enjoy the benefits this brings.

Why not try some of these strategies this month?


Read the full article on page 19 here: Success and Influence in Get It Magazine


Or download the PDF here:



Secrets of successful people – influential – get magazine

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Branding for Startups and Entrepreneurs – theSPACE Podcast

I had a great chat with Troy Haines and Hamish Sterling on their theSPACE podcast.

theSPACE is an entrepreneur, business and innovation hub in Cairns, and Troy and Hamish have started a weekly podcast to deliver some great info to people looking to start or improve their business.

Building your brand and influence online – it doesn’t have to be expensive

We covered branding for new businesses and entrepreneurs – covering the essentials to get starteed (without breaking the bank) – I also shared some tips on essential Social Media for building your personal brand online.

We talked about why you need a digital brand when you are starting a new business – and why you don’t want to over-invest in your brand until you are very clear about what your vision for the business is. This often means having some sales, as your customers are the best people to get feedback about your products and services and your branding. Many people make the mistake of building the perfect company, product or service, only to find there isn’t demain for it.

We touched on personal branding and the role of social media in building a professional personal brand footprint.


Check out the Dallas McMillan – Branding  interviewon theSPACE Podcast here and subscribe to their podcast!

You can also check Troy out at theSPACE

On Reinventing Yourself.
Being Influential – Get it Magazine
Branding for Startups and Entrepreneurs – theSPACE Podcast